Modern Mystic Mantras // 30 card deck


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A 30 card deck, containing words of truth, love and guidance. Designed to shift your perspective and remind you of your soul worth and power.

Display your cards in this beautiful wooden stand around your home or at work, wherever you spend time and energy.

These are mantras I have gathered in the last two years of my life – through moments of pure joy and absolute heartbreak. This is not your typical positive affirmations deck; these words come from years of meditation, self reflection, and therapy. Words that have been carefully curated for every soul.

Each card features a beautiful gold illustration, measures 14.5cm x 10.5cm and is printed professionally on 400gsm premium card stock, featuring a varnished, silky front and back finish. Each deck comes with a wooden stand and keepsake LMC calico bag.


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