Meditation Ritual Kit


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Allow your mind to rest. Close all the tabs you’ve got open in your head, hide your phone in another room. It’s time to meditate!

Never meditated before? It’s not all eyes closed, legs crossed, saying OM over and over again. Meditation is a form of mindfulness, an escape from reality, a heart opening ritual. Taking time and space to lower your guard and allow your third eye to open. You can be sitting down watching a candle flicker, watching the sun rise or set, listening to the birds sing. Or you could be lying down in bed, the curtains shut, eyes gently closed. This is your time, use it how you will.

This kit includes all the goodness for newcomers to the meditation ritual:

Palo Santo x 3 ~ for intention setting and creative sensory
Mini White Sage Smudge Stick ~ for cleansing any negative energies that linger
Amethyst Point ~ for spiritual protection
Rose Quartz tumble stone ~ for infusing self love
Amethyst tumble stone ~ to keep on your self for protection
Clear Quartz tumble stone ~ for clarity of the mind
Carnelian tumble stone ~ for empowerment

All kits come in a little pouch for safe keeping.


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